Requiem for the Refugees

2001, Dover, 60 refugees were found dead in a container.
A friend of mine from London asked me to write a “Requiem for the Refugees” and so I did.
It has become a quiet, contemplative piece for piano, that  later has been re arranged for carillion.
The british guitarist Jason Carter has recorded it on his album “The Color of Silence”

Please take a listen: version for piano and for carillon.

Scores are available at Donemus in a version for piano and for carillon.

On the occasion of World Water Day on March 22nd 2018 carillonneur David (Won Jun) Jeong – student of Rochester University (NY) – played the USA premier of my ‘Requiem for the Refugees’ as part of the program ‘Songs of Waterways and longing for home’ on the University of Rochester Carillon. A recording is available on Youtube and on this website.

The world premier on carillon of this work was played by Boudewijn Zwart on August 26th 2013 on the Sint-Janskerk-carillon in Gouda. An impression of the performance is available here and on Youtube.