This music is inspired on the Labirinto on the entrance of the San Martino cathedral in Lucca, Toscana, Italia. It gave me a phantastic reason to work with my friend and fellow musician Luca Genta. He is great on whistles, recorders and fretless base guitar and I played my wonderful old Musser vibraphone and lots and lots of percussion instruments, ranging from a small udu to a large orchestral base drum.

The title track Labirinto (releasedate 10th of December 2021) I dedicated to Jacobine, Arnoud and all caring & daring pastors, therapists, coaches, mentors and others: good company in the labyrinth of life!

album Labirinto
Coming soon: online album Labirinto: new compositions by Luca Genta and Dick Le Mair
Coming soon: online album Labirinto. Composers / recording artists: Luca Genta & Dick Le Mair