I have been a composer, arranger, producer, percussionist and teacher/coach for decades. I have composed, arranged and produced film music, jingles for radio and TV, music for theater, dance, orchestra and choir, and I have worked for record companies such as EMI. My ‘classical’ works have been published by Donemus Publishing House for Contemporary Classical Music. I have been a guest lecturer at Caracas, Sidney and Melbourne University and at the Academy of Music of Odense and Porto. I love to share all my knowledge and experience with you, fellow arrangers, composers, students of composition/arranging and all those who love to write music. I can help you to write arrangements for your ensemble/orchestra. I’d love to take a look at your work and give advice. I also like to help you out with knowledge about theory and orchestration. And, of course, I’m available to write any sort of composition or arrangement that you want. Since my work is published at Donemus, I work with the Sibelius music notation program, so you can be sure you get very nice scores and seperate parts for all the instruments/voices.

Dick Le Mair - Componist, Percussionist, Producer